Podium Performance

Leading athletes on a championship quest of their own.

I aim to use the knowledge I have gained from 10 years of professional mountain bike racing and my career coaching and working with athletes to craft personal training programs designed to lead athletes at every level to the top step of their own championship quest. 

Beat Goes On

It has been full speed ahead action here at Podium Performance. The summer has been busier and more rewarding than any other year I can remember. This young business is growing and finding legs and most importantly myself and the athletes I coach have been hard at it and finding our own legs. The best part of coaching is being surrounded by all the success stories that you see unfolding right in front of you. It is so freaking cool to have the conversations turn from losing weight and getting consistent in training to the new issues of race tactics and where to make the decisive move to win.  

My own racing has been good this year so far. I was pleased to win the Pro class in our local Ascent Cycling Series, hopefully you have been following along on my blog posts for Sand Creek Sports that we post on pikespeaksports.us. Strong wins at the Go Pro Games and Silver Rush 50 have been highlights of the summer. 

I have been on a short race hiatus the past few weekends and enjoyed back to back fun weekends up in the high country. One of the athletes I coach, Heidi Dohse, is racing Breck Epic next week and we meet up for a short recon weekend to cram in as much of the techy single track of Breck Epic as our legs could afford in two days. Heidi has an extraordinary back story and if you are not familiar with her already you should take a few minutes to watch this video. 

We will be turning out the reports as the 6 day stage race progresses. For your daily inspiration follow Heidi on twitter @hdohse. 

After supporting racers at Leadville and Breck Epic I will be back in action racing at Steamboat Stinger and then Grand Junction Off Road. Both are events I have never done before and which I greatly anticipate. I should have a new Podium Cycles dual suspension XC bike ready to unleash at GJ. Super excited for that!

There are big things popping here at Podium Performance and we are busy preparing to turn over the next page. Keep your eyes peeled for news of fall skills camps and winter Fat Bike events. We got a lot in the hopper and getting excited to unleash it.

Never hesitate to email me over any questions you have. Always excited to talk bikes, training, and racing. It is what we are all about.