Podium Performance

Leading athletes on a championship quest of their own.

I aim to use the knowledge I have gained from 10 years of professional mountain bike racing and my career coaching and working with athletes to craft personal training programs designed to lead athletes at every level to the top step of their own championship quest. 


Training is not complicated.
To successfully advance as athletes we must create an overload in training then rest and let the adaptations of the new demands take hold. We should avoid adding stress or confusion to our lives with our training plan. I can take over your schedule and workouts so that all you need to do is focus on getting work done!


Everything I do is 100% custom to each athlete. No cookie cutter workouts or one size fits all training. We take your current fitness plus the time you have to train along with the training resources you have and the goals or events that are your motivation to bring a realistic and effective training plan to life. 


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Podium Performance